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3D implant positioning system

The esthetically perfect restoration with implants that look as identical as possible to adjacent teeth is considered an essential measure of success in modern implantology. Optimal positioning of the implant plays a significant role in this process, since it constitutes an important parameter for the preservation of hard and soft tissue. The 3D implant positioning system by Dr. Iglhaut, which is compatible with all common implant systems, enables a perfect and at the same time secure three-dimensional implant positioning with accurate distances between teeth and implant(s).

Sinus lift kit

Implants should only be inserted if the supporting bone is strong enough to provide sufficient hold. If the bone volume is too low, there is a risk of the implant projecting into the maxillary sinus after insertion. The "sinus lift" augmentation method allows for thickening the bone layer of the sinus floor by elevating the sinus mucosa.

Micro-flap management set

Secure and lasting wound closure is an essential factor for successful interventions in augmentation surgery. The success of the therapy greatly depends on the design and mobilization of the flap covering the wound as well as the precise microsurgical wound margin adaptation, while maintaining the blood supply. With a range of high-quality microinstruments, the micro-flap management set provides the optimum prerequisite for accurate and successful soft tissue management.

Tunneling technique set

Gingival recession is a condition frequently observed on implants in particular. If implants in the esthetic zone are affected, this quite often requires corrective soft tissue surgery in order to achieve a stable and esthetically appealing therapeutic result. Using the minimally invasive tunneling technique, extremely thin soft tissue structures can be thickened. In doing so, a connective tissue graft is taken from the palate and inserted into a prepared tunnel to cover the recession and simultaneously thicken the tissue. KLS Martin offers an instrument set that is specifically tailored to this technique and takes account of these special requirements.

Minimized set for surgical crown extension

Surgical crown extension can be meaningful or necessary for various reasons. Medical indications include caries extending deeply underneath the gingiva, insufficient hold of existing crowns or fractures. If too much gingiva is visible ("gummy smile") and the crown thus appears to be too short, surgical crown extension might be advisable for esthetic reasons. The targeted, cosmetic-surgical procedure lets the smile appear natural and harmonious again. The minimized set for surgical crown extension includes a well-arranged set of optimum instruments, allowing for the gingival margin to be detached from the tooth along the entire width and the exposed alveolar bone to be carefully removed.



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