Cranial Protective Helmets | solutions before the implant

Protective helmets may be necessary after surgery, but the options can be poor in terms of fit, performance and appearance. KLS Martin now offers two great solutions, the CT Exoband and the Q cap.

Trauma effects the body and emotional state of the patient - the design of the helmet can do a great deal to help with both.

CT Exoband

The CT-Exoband protective helmet provides a perfect CT based patient contoured solution that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, removes easily, and ventilates to remove trapped heat.

Multiple colors and graphics are available.

Contact KLS Martin to contact your local sales consultant to order a helmet based on your patient's CT data today. 800-625-1557

Q cap

The Q cap offers a superior off the shelf solution for cranial protection after surgery.

While other solutions are 'one size fits all', the Q cap is available in multiple configurations for better fit, optimal protection in critical areas, and maximum patient comfort during healing.

Let us know who to speak with at your facility to ensure the best helmet options are available for your next patient.



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