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iChiroPro | Oral Surgery and Implantology

The iPad just became much more powerful!

The iChiroPro with Oral Surgery and Implantology app
exclusively from KLS Martin LP in North America

There's an app for that!

The Surgery app is designed exclusively for KLS Martin LP iChiroPro units sold in North America.

This powerful oral surgery app enables the user to control the power system, customize settings for multiple surgeons and handpeice options, as well as store patient data. 

Combined with the powerful and long lasting MX iLED motor and straight impaction 1:2 handpeice, the iChiroPro delivers incredible control and power as you section through molars.

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The implantology app offers many features in one simple interface. After making a customized user profile, the app will remember all your settings for future use. The digital interface leads you through pre-programmed operating sequences for various implant systems - and you can customize and add settings easily.

During the operation, the app will store the torque and speed for each implant site, summarizing the data in a email portable file. Finally the modern era of high tech implant planning meets actual implantation power!

Click on the image to go to the iTunes store and download this app.

Control your power with ease while storing portable data and settings

The iChiropro from Bien-Air is a revolutionary implantology system.

This new device, controlled from an iPad and equipped with the highest performance instruments on the market, paves the way for a new generation of medical appliances.

Simple to use, the intuitive, ergonomic application ensures significant time savings during operations. This device offers the complete pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers, the integration of your patient files and a number of options for customization.



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