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The material used, Resorb x®, is an innovative high-performance polymer consisting of Poly-DL-lactides. Since the first clinical tests in 2001, Resorb x® has been used in many thousands of cranial and maxillofacial procedures. In 2005, ultrasonic application of Resorb x® improved ease-of-use and effectiveness. By 2007, the applications grew to include oral and dental bone augmentation.

Poly DL Lactide
the polymer chains weaken
polymer undergoing hydrolysis

Resorbable, nothing but bone remains - no removal

Following regeneration of the bone, barriers and SonicPins Rx® gradually weaken by hydrolysis and are finally resorbed by metabolic processes into carbon dioxide and water. This natural resorption process eliminates follow-up invasive removal of hardware and allows for a more simple implant placement in excellent bone.

SonicPin Rx | A unique fixation implant

The essential connecting elements between the implant and the bone are the SonicPin Rx, which are available with diameters of 1.6 and 2.1 mm. They are packaged in clip magazines, out of which they can be picked up with the sonotrode and directly applied to the surgical site.

Resorb-x® foils and membranes | Ideal balance in flex and strength

The Resorb x® foils and membranes made of resorbable PDLLA are transparent and exhibit excellent flex for gentle in-situ bends. If desired, they may also be heated up to approx. 65 - 70 °C for a few seconds and thermoplastically shaped over a template or object. After a few moments, they become rigid again.

While materials are available in 0.3 mm thickness, they are mostly reserved for osteosynthesis or large bone substitute containment with less soft tissue expansion than when trying to augment a large area covered by delicate gingiva.

The 0.1-0.2 mm thickness is the ideal balance of flexibility and eventual softening during later stages of bone healing, where a hardness could cause complications similiar to titanium exposure. This balance was achieved through close relationships with experts and integrated into the protocols used by experts in teaching courses.

Foils are solid, while membranes have holes in diameters less than 1 mm. Experts have both opinions on which they prefer, and their results are equally impressive.

Resorb-x® Alveolar Protector | small defect, defined space

Augmentation with the Resorb x® alveolar protector are done according to the same principle as the shell technique. The innovation thereby is the alveolar protector itself, which recreates an exaggerated buccal wall - creating the 2mm goal around the implant neck. Since it is already shaped perfectly and three dimensionally stable, you only need to ensure there is sufficient bone on either side of the defect to secure a SonicPin Rx.



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