SonicWeld Rx® | Gain bone in ideal dimensions

Simply put, SonicWeld Rx® gives you the control over particulate bone to create ideal dimensions required to restore nature.

Two millimeters to success

Widely published and taught by experts, this dimension is the minimum bone volume needed around a dental implant to anchor it firmly in the jaw for years to come. This is the goal for the best functional and aesthetic solution – and SonicWeld Rx® Dental from KLS Martin helps you achieve it with a method that is simple, practical, and patient-friendly.

SonicWeld Rx® Dental is based on an idea that was originally intended for woodwelding. KLS Martin adapted this ultrasonic fixation method to applications in maxillofacial trauma and pediatric cranial bone surgery. By 2009 the product had proven itself in the hands of preprosthetic surgeons as well.



The information presented is intended to demonstrate a KLS Martin LP product. Please refer to the  for the full list of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and sterilization information. Always refer to the  before using any KLS Martin LP product. Surgeons must always rely on their own clinical judgment when deciding which products and techniques to use with their patients.

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