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Without a doubt, a winning smile is hard to resist. A strong bite means confidence and greater eating enjoyment. And a faultless set of teeth enable flawless speech. Attractive, well-maintained, uniform teeth are an expression of health, happiness and success. 

But they don’t always last for a lifetime. Those who lose teeth due to reasons of age or accident have long been able to rely on dentistry’s titanium or zirconium oxide implants with ceramic crowns, which can now hardly be visually distinguished from natural teeth. But in order to reliably and permanently fix these implants in the jawbone, there must be enough bone mass available. That's what we take care of with SonicWeld Rx® Dental.

You have a tooth missing?

To anchor a dental implant properly, the alveolar ridge needs to be augmented so there is sufficient bone volume around the implant site. Implant placement is then followed by prosthetic measures in form of a crown integrated so well that it is visually impossible to distinguish it from adjacent natural teeth.

Bone development, with the ultrasonic technique SonicWeld Rx® and the resorbable materials from the innovative high-performance substance PDLLA, may enable your surgeon to make the bone in the jaw strong enough to receive any amount of required implants - with the help of membranes, foils, and pins all made of PDLLA: a material that is uniquely made for this purpose.

A gentle procedure for more attractive teeth

In this procedure, a preformed PDLLA part is fitted to the toothless jaw section to create a pocket that is filled either with the patient’s own bone or a bone substitute material. PDLLA pins are used to anchor the formed piece directly in the jaw.

During the following months, the newly created bone grows together with the existing bone and while the stability of the reconstructed bone increases, the formed pieces and pins consisting of resorbable PDLLA material dissolve continuously until they are finally naturally eliminated by the body. The final goal of this process is a healthy alveolar ridge with sufficient bone substance, ready to receive an implant.

An investment of lasting value

SonicWeld Rx® is an ideal method for fixation of resorbable materials securely and permanently to the bone. It is reliable for the surgeon, eliminates a second surgery for removal of hardware - and it is gentle for you! We hope that with SonicWeld Rx® or not your doctor achieves success and you find happiness in the future from your treatment – with each smile, each meal, each conversation.



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