2.0mm Mini Trauma Module

The 2.0 mm Mini System expanded our original Champy miniplates to ideal shapes and sizes for a variety of osteosynthesis needs:

·   Midface fractures

·   Mandibular fractures

·   Orthognathic surgery

2.0 Mini Trauma Module | plate tray options

Mandibular miniplates t=1.0mm, ideal for BSSO osteosynthesis 

With one screw diameter you can secure a range of plates:

3 insert options

t=0.6mm original L, Y, Z, and 16 hole straight
with t=1.0mm in 4 and 8 hole straight

t=0.8mm trauma L, Y, Z, and straight plates

t=1.0mm mandibular miniplate insert (pictured left)
*contains CP and 90Ti6Al4V (blue) miniplates

2.0 mm Mini Screws

2.0 Mini Plates

2.0 Mini Mesh

Level One | High-quality storage system

Our storage systems are simple, intuitive and flexible. Using the Level One concept, you can create your own system - according to your individual needs. Everything is neatly accommodated: screws, plates, meshes and instruments. 



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