2.0mm FAB System "Face, Airway, Bite"

The basis of successful therapeutic methods are innovative ideas developed into innovative products. Of course, they must be well-conceived, down to the detail.

Working closely with Dr. William Arnett, we have successfully optimized numerous mini-plates to adapt them for orthognathic use.

FAB Mini Plates | optimized for Orthognatics

The Level One 2.0-mm FAB system is the most unique addition to our orthognathic product line in many years. Working closely with Dr. Arnett, we completely redesigned the plating system with a focus on precise osteosynthesis steps. From the start, the system allows the user to measure the osteotomy advancement with millimeter increments while making bends.


When placing the first screw, the tab is bent to allow for precise positioning with a forcep, then easily detached with a slight bending motion. The stock number and lot number are recorded on this tab for identification.


The shape and size of the plates is unique, no other system has such large advancement plates, nor the angles as perfectly matched to the buttresses.


2.0 mm Mini Screws

Plates for the Maxilla

Plates for the Mandible



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