The sum of its parts

It is hard to imagine that 1.5mm is enough space to make significant improvements, but in the bone, the tolerance between failure and success sometimes is only a fraction of a millimeter. Several generations of design since our original Champy miniscrew, the maxDrive® is greater than the sum of it's details.

Three colors for all instances

Three designs of maxDrive® screws have been optimized for different demands in osteosynthesis: standard, emergency and drill-free. And to make the choice quickly and easily, we have color-coded them.

Blue: Standard maxDrive®
Pink: Emergency maxDrive®
Grey: Drill-Free maxDrive®

The precise turn with the perfect system

The maxDrive® screw cartridges are compatible with the Level One osteosynthesis modules and plates, simply exchange the cartridges in any quantity or type that suits your needs.

The feeling of screw insertion and precise control is very important in osteosynthesis. The silicone bulb screwdriver handles fit perfectly in the palm and fingers with all sizes of hands. It is easy to grip and feel the screw purchase into the bone. Multiple lengths of gold colored system-specific blades are available for all maxDrive® diameters.

maxDrive® cartridges

  • 1.5mm diameter: green cartridge
  • 2.0mm diameter: red cartridge
  • 2.3mm diameter: black cartridge



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