Level One Titanium Osteosynthesis

Create your own system!

Our concept | Your freedom of choice

The Level One concept is ideally suited for all types of osteosynthesis requirements. The organized system consists of self contained, color coded implant modules and instrument storage modules. Within the implant modules, universal trays of plates and cartridges of screws can be quickly restocked, customized, or reconfigured to meet demands quickly.

Never out of date, and always familiar - the inventory can always be adapted for new surgeon preferences or innovative new designs.

Build your own | Adaptable according to your individual needs

  • You can choose between preconfigured or free storage modules
  • The system can be restocked or inventoried quickly
  • Color-coding ensures the system is simple to use in the OR

Color-coded screw storage for convenient organization

The screw cartridges are color-coded according to screw diameter and can be directly inserted into the storage module.

Modularity in any configuration  

Modules can be combined into many configurations. The side rails lock together easily, and may be stacked and locked together. Arrows along the rails indicate how to unlock the modules again. Detents at the base of each system prevent shifting, but module locks combine multiple stacks if additional stability is desired.

Examples of preconfigured Level One modules

A wide variety of plating modules are available for all specialties and procedures - from craniotomies to the head and neck cancer resection.  The consistent color coding and modular design create a simple user interface.



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