1.0 mm Micro System

The 1.0mm Micro-Trauma system is optimal when space is severely limited for osteosynthesis:

·   Extremely small bone fragments

·   Fixation of micro 1.0mm grid mesh

1.0mm Micro module

1.0 mm Micro module 

The 1.0 micro trauma module provides space for plates and screws required for these types of applications. Mesh can be added in the bottom free storage insert. 

1.0mm Micro Screws

1.0 mm Micro Plates

1.0 mm Micro Mesh

Level One | High-quality storage system

Our storage systems are simple, intuitive and flexible. Using the Level One concept, you can create your own system - according to your individual needs. Everything is neatly accommodated: screws, plates, meshes and instruments. 

Screw storage module 
Craniomaxillofacial Mesh Module with blue rails to signify 1.0mm diameter compatibility 
Storage module 



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