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A comprehensive, compact module for maxillo-mandibular fixation


    The MMF Level One Module is designed for maxillo-mandibular fixation in maxillofacial fractures in which temporary MMF is indicated to stabilize the occlusion prior to the application of the fixation device.

    MMF screws may also be used in Orthognathic surgery to stabilize the occlusion, provide interarch stabilization of segmental osteotomies in orthodontic cases, or to provide skeletal suspension in extreme orthognathic movements.

    MMF screws

    2.0mm diameter (red) Drill-free MMF Screws are available in maxDrive and Cross Drive head patterns, as well as in Stainless Steel or Titanium.

    Drill-free MMF screws may also be stored in any of the Level One modules, and are commonly added to 2.0mm modules used for LeFort one or mandibular fractures.

    For ideal stabilization of the entire arch, 3-4 screws are placed in the maxilla and the mandible.

    Screws are ideally placed posterior of the canine root and in the midline region.

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