SonicWeld Rx®

A revolution in osteosynthesis

The Advantage | Using the characteristics of polymer

The ideal future implant for providing temporary stability across a healing fracture or osteotomy should not be permanent, and it should be able to be applied in any type of bone. With SonicWeld Rx®, KLS Martin has developed a completely new system for craniofacial osteosynthesis that achieves these goals.

Rather than mimicking metal screw design, SonicWeld Rx® takes advantage of the unique thermoplastic properties of resorbable polymer with cutting edge ultrasonic technology.

SonicWeld Rx | A completely new method of fixation

The SonicPin Rx® is picked up with the sonotrode tip and seated into a pilot hole. Slight pressure is maintained forward and the ultrasound generator is activated with a foot switch. The pin is pushed into the bone via the sonotrode on the tip of the handpiece. The friction between the vibrating pin and the inner bone surface generates a small amount of heat to the edge of the shaft, liquefying the pin edges and thus flowing into any three dimensional bone structure adjacent to the pilot hole. Since the shaft of the pin remains solid, the polymer can be delivered to specific defined depths.

In addition, the head of the SonicPin Rx welds to the Resorb x® mesh or plate, creating a three-dimensional construction. This results in a faster, stronger, and more reliable way to apply resorbable fixation (1,2)*.



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