Resorb x | Totally amorphous PDLLA

An implant for osteosynthesis is needed until bone healing. After this point, an ideal solution is to have the materials resorb naturally and safely in the body.

Polymer research, clinical testing and validation have been conducted to ensure the highest level of biocompatibilty, performance, and safety.

Resorb x® polymer consists of PDLLA, D-lactide and L-lactide (each 50%). This polymer is open to hydrolysis due to the totally amorphous structure. It loses strength gradually before metabolism. Resorption time observed in ultrasound follow up: 12-30 months*

*See published article list for more information.

Resorption | Natural and safe

Resorb x® is comprised of PDLLA, or Poly DL Lactic Acid. Use of the DL combined stereoisomers forms an amorphous structure well suited for resorption.
In the first phase, the amorphous strands of the polymer are broken through hydrolysis. The polymer becomes weaker as these chains continue to become smaller.
Final resorption of the polymer occurs through metabolism, exiting the body as carbon dioxide and water.



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