SonicPin Rx | Resorbable Fixation at any angle

The essential connecting elements between the implant and the bone are the SonicPins Rx. They are packaged in cartridges, and are easily loaded on the sonotrode tip with a friction fit.

The unique SonicWeld Rx® method does not rely only on torque and dense cortical bone as with threaded screw technology. Excellent stabilty is achieved with 4-5mm length SonicPins in all types of bone, and the shaft and head are not subject to breakage and stripping from torque during insertion and tightening.

Gone also is the concept of only being able to secure fixation points in strategic areas - now three dimensional shapes of mesh can be SonicWelded in areas that were not well-suited to screw fixation.

Complete freedom | Cut your own shapes and create perfect contours in seconds

The Resorb-x® plates, mesh, foils, and membranes made of resorbable PDLLA are transparent and maintain 80% of their strength to 10 weeks.

Heated up to approx. 65 - 70 °C via a hot water bath, they can be cut with scissors and transformed into a three-dimensional shape that offers superior stability compared to standard two dimensional plates. Within a few moments, the material begins to harden again. Portions that require further contouring are reheated, and with a small learning curve, the possibilities are endless.

Trauma, Reconstruction, Bone Graft | Perfect fixation for a wide range of indications

Resorb x® triangular orbital floor plates are an excellent solution for small blow-out fractures.

The popular 'guitar pick' shaped implants fit easily and, if necessary, can be secured with SonicPins Rx on the leading edge with the contra angle or straight sonotrode. Smoothing sonotrodes can also be used to smooth edges and contours of plates around the orbit to minimize palpabilty before resorption.

Introducing a new concept in resorbable orbital floor design - the Rx 3D Orbital Floor implants.

These implants are contoured to average CT data from large adult male / small male and female sizes. Simply cut out the area needed to cover the bony anatomy of the floor fracture - no matter where the fracture is, the shape is already formed. Perforations also are in a pattern to ensure the surgeon stays oriented during trimming.



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