Specialty Burr Hole Covers and Mesh

Chiari Malformation

Chiari mesh is used for reconstruction of the skull base, after a Decompressive Craniectomy for a Chiari Malformation Procedure

Designed in cooperation with Dan Heffez, MD, FRCS

small Chiari

large Chiari

Chiari clinical view

Specialty and 3D mesh

At times, the cranioplasty requires immediate and unique solutions. In addition to our Standard Approach and other precontoured implants, a variety of stock solutions may fit your needs perfectly.

The 3D mesh has great advantages to contour over complex shapes without any need to cut or fold it. Now available in 1.0mm profile, 3D mesh is stiffer than before - enabling the user to create a more rigid solution for complex problems.

Although standard mesh is relatively easy to trim, what is left is not always optimal - sharp edges and unpredictable hole patterns along the margin. KLS Martin has worked with numerous experts to design standard geometrical shapes for various parts of the cranium.

3D mesh

specialty screen mesh


Specialty burr-hole covers

Neurosurgery demands unique solutions outside of standard craniotomy closure.

KLS Martin has developed a range of burr hole cover shapes and sizes for each neurosurgery application.



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