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KLS Martin pioneered 'off the shelf' 3D solutions based on average CT patient data and standard osteotomy patterns

While CT based individual implants are an ideal option, when the need arises at a moment's notice - the best solution is one that is always ready.

A balance of strength and flexibility - this is the challenge of designing products for the surgeon to modify and protect the cranium.

Basic goals of cranial implant design are simple -

  • Protect the brain in areas of missing bone
  • When intended, act as a barrier between tissue layers
  • Produce a shape that is symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing
  • Be quickly and easily applied to minimize surgical time


These goals are difficult to meet with flat meshes and bone substitutes - they must be malleable enough to contour, but still stiff enough to protect.

We worked alongside neurosurgeons in creating 'off the shelf' 3D contoured solutions for many situations, from Chiari malformation to Pteronial approach 3D mesh.

Standard Approach Mesh


The first 3D titanium solution based on average patient data and approaches in neurosurgery, available as a complete system or individually packaged sterile.

Universal Round and 3D Pterional Mesh



The information presented is intended to demonstrate a KLS Martin LP product. Please refer to the  for the full list of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and sterilization information. Always refer to the  before using any KLS Martin LP product. Surgeons must always rely on their own clinical judgment when deciding which products and techniques to use with their patients.

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