1.5 mm Low Profile Neurosurgery System

The 1.5mm Low Profile Neurosurgery plates provide a balance of low profile and strength. They offer a profile of 0.3mm Burr-Hole Covers and mesh, as well as 0.6mm profile plates.

This system is ideally suited for a variety of cranial osteosynthesis applications:  

  • Craniotomy
  • Cranioplasty
  • Cranial Trauma

maxDrive, it's your turn.

1.5 mm maxDrive Drill-Free™ screws 

The 1.5 mm maxDrive neurosurgery screws are the absolute strongest, most reliable screws we have ever tested. In 1974 we produced mini-screws for the first time, and over the decades since, we have continued to push the limits of performance while maintaining ultimate tactile feel and dependability. 

MaxDrive, it's your turn.

Level One storage solutions

1.5 mm Neuro Module 

The 1.5mm Neurosurgery Module has been designed for the ideal plate selection for cranial osteosynthesis. Standard or Low Profile plate storage trays, as well as a variety of meshes can be stored in this convenient, compact 15x30cm module.

The system is perfectly adaptable to accept a range of screws by simply switching out the color coded cartridges. Restocking and inventory is fast and simple.

The attached open-storage instrument module conveniently stores a range of drivers and instruments of your choice.






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