Cranial Loop™ | reinventing cranial fixation

The Cranial Loop™ is reinventing cranial fixation

Current two sided fixation systems have several limitations. They require instrumentation that needs processing and can also be difficult to operate. Furthermore, sharp metal objects can remain after placement due to a lack of adaptation of flat metal to curved bone. Also, the large amount of metal, results in unwanted artifacts during post-op imaging. Finally, traditional designs only have one connection to secure the inner and outer table portions of the implant.

The ideal two-sided fixation system should be very secure, radiolucent, simple to operate, adapt to to the bone smoothly, and require no instrumentation. The Cranial Loop™ has all of these attributes.

The Cranial Loop™ family

The Cranial Loop™ family includes two designs for craniotomy lines and one design for burr holes. Each implant operates in the same, simple way and are color coded for easy selection.


The smallest Cranial Loop™ is ideal for craniotomy lines. Current design of this device features the same top portion as the (L) with a smaller inner portion shown above on the inner table.

Loop (L)

The Large Cranial Loop™ is also ideal for craniotomy lines. It features large sides that adapt to the inner and outer tables of the cranium.

Loop (XL)

The XL Cranial Loop™ is designed for burr-holes. The inner portion of the disk fills the burr hole providing added stability.

simple instrument-free application

No instruments, other than a pair of scissors, are required to use any of the Cranial Loop™ devices. A fast and easy ‘Pull and tighten’ action allows the surgeon to control and feel the fixation. A standard bone flap with three Cranial LOOP devices can be fixed in less than a minute.


This makes the device not only easy to use, but also great for the hospital. No instruments are processed, or need to be located prior to the case - everything you need is inside the sterile box on the shelf.

radiolucent, adaptable, proven PEEK-Optima®

Cranial Loop™ devices are made out of proven PEEK-OPTIMA® radiolucent material.

These material properties, along with innovative engineering, enable the implant to adapt to the bone surface as the implant is tightened. This improves security of the device as well as creates an overall smooth, adapted structure.

Shown on the left is the (XL) device for burr holes. Note the adaptable inner portion securing the burr hole area.

secure double-ratcheting design

The different members of the Cranial LOOP family produce equivalent fixation strength as compared to titanium plates and screws, or other standard metallic non-instrument-free fixation devices.

The Cranial LOOP family offers the safety of titanium microplates and screws, combined with the ease of use and strength of clamping systems.

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