SonicWeld Rx® | The System

The core component of the system is the SonicWelder Rx, an ultrasound generator. Simply put, it generates precise microvibrations through the handpiece to the sonotrode tip. The components included are the ultrasound unit, handpiece with cable, sonotrode tip, a sonotrode wrench, and the foot switch.

Sonotrodes | For safe working at any angle

Depending on the situation, there are various tips, referred to as sonotrodes, available in straight and angled variants to insert the SonicPin Rx and optimally shape or smooth edges of Resorb-x® implants.

Xcelsior | Create a three-dimensional solution in seconds

The Xcelsior hot water bath is the ideal system for thermplastic shaping of all Resorb-x® implants. After a few seconds in the hot water, plates, mesh or other shapes can be created into a three-dimensional match to the bone contour. While the polymer will harden quickly, you may place portions of the shape back into the water to continue to manipulate the shape. For smaller areas in areas of limited access, metal templates may be used as well.

Assembly | Just a few steps

The sterilzed cord is plugged into the SonicWelder Rx, the sterilized straight sonotrode screwed onto the handpiece, and the unit is switched on. It automatically sets itself to the correct setting after self testing.

The sterilized cover and basin for the waterbath is placed over the powered up unit. 500ml of water is added. In 25 minutes or less it reaches optimal temperature.

See the user manual for full instructions on the proper processing and use of the SonicWelder Rx, twist drills, and the Xcelsior water bath.



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