Cranio Sculpt™ | calcium phosphate bone void filler

First generation bone void fillers had good compression strength, but lacked good handling characteristics.  Additionally, they were not ideal in terms of flexural strength and fracture toughness.

Cranio Sculpt™ overcomes the limitations of past bone void fillers and provides the surgeon greater control of their ideal augmentation.

porosity / material info

Cranio Sculpt™ is similar in composition to the mineral phase of bone.  A calcium phosphate starting powder reacts with diluted sodium silicate liquid, and undergoes a non-exothermic chemical reaction to form low crystalline hydroxyapatite, which hardens in vivo to create an osteoconductive scaffold.

replaced by bone

Histology analysis demonstrated that Cranio Sculpt™ is highly biocompatible and osteoconductive.  Histological sections were examined following four weeks and six months in vivo and showed extensive bone apposition with no adverse tissue reaction.  Normal bone remodeling by localized osteoclastic, cell mediated resorption coupled with new bone formation within the implanted area was a consistent finding in areas implanted with Cranio Sculpt™.


An in vivo biomechanical study comparing Cranio Sculpt™ to cancellous bone was performed at four weeks and six months post-implantation.  This study shows   Cranio Sculpt™ maintains approximately twice the strength as cancellous bone during remoldeling.

Yetkinler, Delaney, Constanz, "An In Vivo Evaluation of Two Calcium Phosphate Cements", Skeletal Kinetics LLC, Cupertino, CA


• Burr holes and craniotomy cuts

• Craniofacial defects

• Augmentation of bony contours

Injectable or slower setting moldable putty

Cranio Sculpt™ Flow Mixing Guide



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