Matthews Tessier Distractor

Midface distraction osteogenesis is a proven strategy for midface hypoplasia for many years. During this time KLS Martin has been fortunate to work with some of the top craniofacial experts in the development of simple to use, anatomically ideal distractor designs.

Designing 'internal' devices can be more challenging - as they must be oriented properly and fit to the patient easily during placement.

The Matthews-Tessier offers a unique two-design style to manipulate the facial and frontal bone in multiple vectors.

Controlling corrections easily and flexibly

The Matthews-Tesser device styles are the simple 2-hole and the mesh style footplate designs.

The footplate choice allows for either simple-minimal placement, or coverage of mesh over a larger area to disperse forces.

The gears are often criss-crossed to create a tilting force on the bones as they are being advanced - truely allowing for multidirectional adjustment with internal devices.



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