Kawamoto Midface Distractor

Midface distraction osteogenesis is a proven strategy for midface hypoplasia for many years. During this time KLS Martin has been fortunate to work with some of the top craniofacial experts in the development of simple to use, anatomically ideal distractor designs.

Designing 'internal' devices can be more challenging - as they must be oriented properly and fit to the patient easily during placement.

Slightly changed over the years, the Kawamoto device has been a top option for many craniofacial surgeons in North America.

Distraction benefits with a simple, 'hidden' distractor

The Kawamoto device line comes in straight and curved styles, as well as a standard and reverse hook in the anterior footplate.

It is compatible with the Zurich II system arms and instruments, including the remote tip detach arm.

Developed in cooperation with Dr. Henry Kawamoto
*Modified footplate design developed in cooperation with Dr. Mark Urata



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