TS-MD Distractor

The TS-MD distractor has been designed for distraction osteogenesis in cases of moderately severe or severe hypoplasia of the maxilla or midface in children and adolescents.

Resists even strong tensile forces

The TS-MD distractor acc. to Dr. Nadjmi (Antwerp) utilizes the maxillary sinus as space for the distraction spindle. Even in children aged 6 to 8, the sinus is large enough to accommodate the spindle. If the vector has been determined correctly by good preoperative planning and the force is applied optimally to the distractor as a result, a distraction length of up to 30 millimeters is possible in adult patients as well. The cardanic activation spindle enables the patient to activate the system intraorally if preferred, in which case the distractor remains completely invisible. This has another significant advantage in that the active distraction phase can be followed by an extended consolidation phase to prevent relapse (retraction) to a very large extent.



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