Cranial Vault | expanding possibilites

The Zurich II system now has a new addition in a growing area of distraction osteogenesis - the Cranial Distractor.

In traditional cranial vault remodeling, there are creative techniques used to increase the volume and shape of existing bone, but creating bone and tissue through gradual distraction offers a new method to reach treatment goals.

Regenerative strategy - distraction of hard and soft tissue to gain precise volume

Controlling this multi-vector growth with an internal gear in the round cranium was a design challenge we were prepared to meet from our experience in monobloc cranial movements.

The Cranial Distractor has unique dual-swivel footplate designs that balance flexibility with the precision and simplicity of a single encased gear.

It also maintains compatibility with the full range of Zurich II system instruments and activation arm attachments.

This includes the remote tip detach arm and ratcheting click features that improve user interface and patient compliance.



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Cranial Vault
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