VSP | Virtual Surgical Planning

Virtual Surgical Planning with a Medical Modeling and KLS Martin is taking bone surgery to a new level of sophistication and capabilities.

VSP Orthognathics

With VSP you view a new angle on osteotomies, facial symmetry and goal planning. See the relationship of the bones in the BSSO as you slide and rotate the mandible virtually. With a combination of model and virtual planning, you can create a splint to match the patient's jaw perfectly. Soft tissue simulation is also available.

See why so many experts have switched to VSP for their case planning. The virtual meeting is quick and demonstrates the entire system - schedule a call today by contacting your local KLS Martin sales consultant.

VSP Reconstruction

With VSP facial symmetry, function and resection planning is paired with real tools. Create a fibula to match the patient's jaw perfectly, or cut the osteotomy for the distractor quickly and safely. The possibilities are incredible.

Your decisions made over a short web call are translated into a virtual and real model. You work individually with a VSP software expert at your convenience.

Splints, cutting guides, and models are provided based on your planning guidance and can be paired with templates or a CT based implant manufactured by KLS Martin with the same data. We deliver the product and ensure everything is ready for surgery.

Try VSP on your next case and you will find out for yourself.



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