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The information presented on this page is intended to demonstrate a KLS Martin® LP product. Please refer to package insert for the full list of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and sterilization information. Always refer to the package insert before using any KLS Martin® L.P. product. Surgeons must always rely on their own clinical judgment when deciding which products and techniques to use with their patients.

KLS Martin® LP, a member of the KLS Martin Group

Timeline of Innovations

  • 1896 Surgical Instruments
  • 1974 Champy Miniscrew
  • 1993 KLS Martin L.P. begins
  • 1995 RED II Distractor
  • 2000 Alveolar Distractors
  • 1996 Drill Free Screws
  • 2005 SonicWeld Rx
  • 2006 Sternal Talon